Homage to Epicurus

the thing
you are afraid
of losing
is a fiction
you are not –
you are not that you
that looks back
above the sink –
you are only
what you think
– no, read that again
it does not mean you are
other than you think
[some better creature
some unidentified monster]
it means
you are not other than
the thoughts you think
sometimes mere moods
ideas and feelings fleeting
[all – though at different rates
all those loves and hopes and hates]
the smell of coffee
as it vies with toothpaste
this is you – none other –
sensation factory –
there is no other you
that will slip away from life
to death
in a single breath.
there is – in the absolute –
nothing at all to fear
you simply… wont be here.

–   –   –   –

Where death is, I am not; and where I am, death is not…said Epicurus…who said alot of smart things I happen to agree with…such as

– that nothing should be believed, except that which was tested through direct observation and/or logical deduction.

– It is not the man who denies the gods worshipped by the multitude, who is impious, but he who affirms of the gods what the multitude believes about them (make that he or she who affirms)

here endeth the lesson – hahahahahahahaha


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