I knew another guy from Brooklyn…

missed, you are,  Mister Zinn
who did so much to clue us in…
into the inter-inner-city
[no make that stellar]
astral rainbow connection
rainslicked street scene
nothing to eat that’s not turning green
by which I mean – what’s on top
in the dumpster  –

half-eaten burger
[never get fries
just the shoreline of oozed
ketchup in the plastic coaster]
at least the tomato is edible.
Is all this entirely credible?
Then why am I so confused –
In the richest nation
in the world? The richest
christian nation doesn’t
give a hang about starvation?
Thinks financial success rubs off?
Approval of the superwealthy
insures a state of grace?
I succeeded because god loves me?
[and I intend to shove that
in your face]
Raving idiocy, if you ask me.
If you stand for nothing
you too will die empty.


Howard Zinn’s  A People’s History of the United States exists in pdf.


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