Man know thyself and thou shalt know the gods*

*found on the walls of many Egyptian Inner Temples 

Last Saturday Cassiopeia said
knowing begins in sensing
oneself a body incarnate
embracing this totality
integral in itself [perhaps
a hairline stroke above
the class annelida]
integrated as an all
within the All

Then Lacerta piped up that
his feet were not further
than his head
even though they were
beneath him –
which made us all laugh as
in the case of a lizard both
are pretty close to the ground

That was when Dorado blew bubbles
all the while explaining that integrity –
true self-affirmation –
spawned no heightened
aggressiveness, but rather
the steady discovering, learning –
the knowing in the fins (he said
looking rather like a fish off
a Disney storyboard) knowing
in the bones, in the blood –
reduces all that adolescent thrusting
and posturing as a true being
has scant motivation to express power –

Seriously, who would it ever care to impress ?

Still, crooned Monocerus in that
Medieval way he has, still, to be sure
it’s a thing you can’t fake
as it’s hard to pretend to be above it all
above the maddening crowd
aloof from the melee
if in fact you haven’t
a clue who YOU are
and then he licked his left front hoof.

Safe and secure in yourself
(ah, to enjoy one’s own company)
others appear less threatening
because, well,
generally speaking
they are.

No one is inherently more than anyone else.

The chief differences are that some
(Argo Navis and those types)
are born lucky or (like the Pliades)
have worked at it and
actually do know who they are…

Who and what they are –
just as sometimes I know
namely, that I am a conscious being
absolutely plugged in
to the entire cosmos.

This morning I touched
Alpheratz and Sirrah

Even there they know – intimately –
that when you love your enemy
it really is you you are loving.

It could be argued that those we call alienated
are the least alienated among us. . .

or do you believe I too should be locked up ?





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