There is only one time

If only I could make you see –
that the longing and the wishing
are a stealing of what life is
a truly fruitless waste of time
for life – ever and always –
is an is and not a was

The memories your fingers fold
into the pockets of your dufflecoat
or that you hide in those yesterdays
you smother under your pillow
LET THEM GO, dear heart, let it all go –
or rather take hold the rope I’ve thrown you
and scale the slope with me

Let the truth of the sages, of the ages
wash you clean, birth you new
and as you rise up
above the clouds where the air is clean
let the high summit breezes
free your mind, unlock your heart
and scatter to the whirling winds
those pockets full of might-have-beens

And smile at what is
and what was – because it was
and smile at the real paradise


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