The Whole Truth (?)

The other day, a guy asked me if I felt I was one. I flipped back – without thinking – that that happened to be the meaning of integrity. One. And since I’m in always in favour of a high moral fibre diet, I felt pretty pleased with me myself and I. Sometimes even a mediocre mind like mine knows more than it knows.

I remember integers from school – although I’ll be undone if I can recall what grade that was. Integers, whole numbers, real numbers. Just a hop skip and jump to real people right?

Unfortunately, there’s hitch, and his name is Aristophanes(or Plato who tells the story) and it’s all about how people in love tend to say they are one – which is all Greek to some dry bone types. But if to have integrity you have to be whole, then you can never be looking for your other half – because you already are your other half. So – stop me if I’m wrong – but too much integrity might not be such a hot idea if you are hoping to have any progeny.



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