Bad girl

Carnivore? Me? No just
a Lapsed Vegetarian.
(terrible problems
with orthodoxy.)
Still, I don’t eat
mammals anymore.
So, ok, yes, I know
that makes me
no better than a racist.
Still, I can’t swallow the flesh
of a living being that has
suckled its young.
Fish twice a month,
and some Sundays
(especially in the fall)
I admit I can’t resist
chicken legs with
potatoes and prunes
in the pressure cooker,
(a bit of white wine,
thyme, onion…mmm)
But I do know it’s wrong.
Do I enjoy it more
knowing it’s wrong?
Well, I eat only the legs
of chickens who have
had a chance to stretch theirs,
walk on grass, taste real air.
free ranging fowl who
have lived a genuine
pre-industrialized life
before they end up soused.
on blancs des blancs
in my stainless steel pot.
I think the big picture,
(morally speaking), isn’t
to eat meat or not, but
how one considers the life
of the creatures we share
the planet with. At least
confused rural snails
who wander into town
and wind up on my windowsill,
are taken back to the woods.

Salves my conscience
for the chickens.




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