She had a cat she named Claude
and thought Edward R. Murrow was sexy.
In the fifties only Marilyn was sexy,
so I guess you could say
she was ahead of the curve –
and way ahead of him, too
not Murrow, no, my dad
who had us all buffaloed

If I say he wasn’t nearly as bright
as he thought he was
it would be like an actor keeping his own name
when his name is Jack Lemmon – you know
handing your critics a baseball bat
took after your dad, eh?
But in fact, I see easily now
that it’s the distaff side
that won out mostly – and I’m glad

I am of her clay
it’s the gulls here on the channel
that convinced me this is true

Someone asked if she ever realized
and I’m really not sure –
some days I think she knew from day one
and other days I wonder
if she could ever face it

Can anyone ever stand the idea
that the one they have differed to
for the better part of a lifetime
was never more than a salesman?



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