Emerging heart proceeds on tip-toe – surprised by insistent daylight, like a sleep-bound child knuckling sockets, reckoning new day’s beckoning brilliance, sun smack on the horizon.

What only; no whys: no sacred syllables of regret. No. Only overwhelming radiance as in a forest clearing revealing – to my unstable amusement how relieved and grateful I am to find faithlessness still reigns plentiful as bitter frosted blue berries – and deceit, clean, reliable as a scapel.

So soon I slither through the sleeve of love’s woes, shedding the chrysalis – a kite again, the kind with wings, eyes and a sharp beak, not the child’s paper toy ruled by string; free am I, I am free, free anew, to weave whatever breeze I choose and braid the changing winds as I will.


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