religare – to bind fast, to tie, to link

When I was a child I thought the world’s religions were like so many telephone operators. . .
I could see the long switchboard..and all those headphone ladies sitting in a row – just like in the pews on Sunday with their opera pumps and print dresses and in my country they could plug you in to a saint or The Big Cheese himself. Then, when I got a little older I figured direct dialing was really neat – and so what if it sent all those lovely ladies back to their ovens? I always liked home-baked cookies! Trouble is, His Nibs used to be obliged to put the receiver on His celestial desk if He didn’t feel like answering [you knew He was there though, ‘cause the phone was off the hook, right?] Now, thanks to advances in technology,  He just turns off His holy cell phone. So you really can’t tell. No way of knowing. But nothing’s really changed. He never answers anyway.



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