Just shootin’ the breeze

I used the word pretentious…so this guy’s grandiloquent retort
was basically that his writing wasn’t flowery.

What’s flowery got to do with anything ? Fact is, if I had meant flowery I would have said ornate or florid or yeah even why not flowery.  No, the word I used was pretentious…and you know, just thinking of it again made me laugh…

Pretentiousness is usually an adolescent affliction;  by the time they hit, say, 20 the really bright kids have grown out of it; they’ve caught the first glimmers of the great truth that the really hard thing to acheive is simplicity.

And I had to laugh too because I spend a great deal of time in France and the French – even the really well-educated ones – use a decidely colorful expression to describe anyone pretentious – il essaye de péter plus haut que son cul – he’s trying to fart higher than his ass.



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