In the land of stupendous insignificance…

where emperors strut
in their birthday suit
through the myriad blind alleys
and cul-de-sacs of their virtual-paper palaces
as still-born winds make silent sounds

Where wigged and puffed up
courtisans, index to dimple
ask this, how is it said
as their noses run, imagining
they are speaking English
as swooning sycophants
drool yellow pus
and mewl like sewer mice

I have been told
[by marxists, but so what]
that it takes many nettles
and ferns and weeds
to shelter a young oak

Let Aeolus awake
and bellow like a full-fledged god
to rout the chaff from the seed

Let everyone pray – yes pray
pray enough good grain remains
to sprout and nourish
the sane and the weary
who hunger for beauty
and thirst for truth

In the meantime, my children
beware – beware  at  the waters’ gate
for the waters are full of liars and leeches


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