18th century tableau

Diligence, perforce, perhance
but diligence – and not just in the diligence
to town either, you scoundrel
pale rider of paler horses

To purchase pigments – my foot
to make a mockery of marriage more like
but now my brushy lad is back
and let’s avoid a scandal, shall we
an artist in the family’s bad enough

So, dilate dear heart, dilate the countryside –
wide fields, copses for the berry corpses
dilate, dilate and do not die
until later – at least wait until dinner
there’s guinea hen – isn’t that
your favorite ?

Oh and where and when the
the river winds and simple winds
sing songs even simpler
in keeping with the season’s stoic
simplicities – at least for those
diluting in the terpentine
while mistress madame sees
to the launderers and
the laundering by
the serpentine and
doesn’t give a pickled
hoot for purple poppies




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