Spooky Stuff


May as well be the house on a cliff in psycho: I mean this place is reeaaaly creepy; there’s plain jane you can’t quite feel sorry for (she’s this side of catatonic half the time) and her bug-eyed father whose voice is a cross between a slowed 33 1/3LP and an old truck that won’t start. And lots of great angle shots of corpses swaying in the breeze….

When the wind off the west cliff stripped the last leaves
branches became switches to beat the maid’s gable.
What kind of judge build’s a house, if you please
Just to see prisoners hanged while he sits at his table ?

The town thought him mad, and he probably was
Though none went as far as to offer some reason.
What made him delight just to hear the flies buzz
’round the corpses of those he had punished for treason?

Iona, his daughter, was never at functions.
Of suitors she’d none and visitors few
For even the bravest would have some compunctions
To frequent a house that was called Gallows View





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