my landscape has been to a novice barber!

the little vale between the streams has been quite radically shaved it seems, and on the hill mechanically trimmed trees carve stepped highrises in the sky and Normandy is Monaco ! until curvilineal leaves return by and by to give me back that natural order that I know and love . .


The aging Lorelie’s matins

I've retired to the tidal waters with the other sessile creatures many of whom seem to have attached themselves - at least my arms and fingers all still move and I can pluck as no beached vessel can considering before I chuck with a Bronx cheer these hapless barnacles chuckling here and there at how …

Last Call

I've reached a kind of railing tone out of breath after climbing stone by stone miniscule outpourings not silent, no, but dumb aware that only as a sum [a totality so strange] perhaps, if rearranged might all represent something or is that the last delusion - bleating like a driven wind wondering who punishes us …