me and darwin

darwin scratched his head and kinda said it went together that if – by mutation – you had acquired something much-desired [like some sorta survival advantage] it would be carried forward by your offspring… but, [now climbing up the thinking hill – phew, pant] doesn’t that equate the will to survive with the urge to […]


See,           from where you sit,                       thing is,     that is what you see                                     from there no right way     […]

shall we call a spade a spade?

I listen to the atheists saying they are scientists and I wonder at their poor command of English. They keep impugning god when what they mean is religion. To say that there is no evidence for the existence of the god of Abraham as recounted in those ridiculous books is a reasonable statement. Abrahamic religion […]

How I avoid celebrity

What is your favourite painting, she asked My nephew’s potato stencils, I said. I was, at the time, staring at the multi-coloured [but especially red] vegetable stamps on newsprint scotch-taped to the fridge, which may, perhaps, have affected my choice or I might have answered van gogh’s Potato Eaters as I am rather fond of […]

Beyond Doubt?

To the militant atheists [beginning to look and sound like jehovah witnesses] yes, yes, their gods [and notions of love] are childish – but I for one cannot deny there is some aspect escapes the eye, the ear something you cannot actually hear or see and yet some know is there. I for one suspect […]

non-aggression pact?

Not resist evil ? Jesus, that is a hard one! But I’ll go this far, my good man I shall try not to resist evil by any evil means  I will not slander, cheat lie in retaliation. Given the chance, I will not oppress I will not smite [nor kick or smack or bite] etcetera […]

A little night music

Keep your gods and your myths, your linguistic appliances – your histories, mysteries true and fake sciences. Please leave me in peace on this smoke-perfumed hill Let me gulp down the sky – let me drink in my fill – where warm stone and I lie as if cheek by jowl ’til the whole world […]